Tests of the CFR v3.3 with a new PS
created on May 8, 2003 - JLN Labs - Last update June 5, 2003
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1 - Tests purposes :

The Cold Fusion Reactor v3.3 is tested with a new Power Supply equipped with a RF/EMI filter. This new Power Supply allows the use of common digital and analog ammeters and simplify greatly the measurements of the electrical power input. During the tests the current flow measurement is compared in real time with the measured current with the digital oscilloscope. Three differents tests have been conducted at Low, Medium and High voltage so as to compare the efficiency of the CFR at these differents voltage levels.

The cathode used is a pure tungsten rod ( W ) 3 mm diameter and 30 mm length from tungsten TIG electrodes (WP) commonly used forTIG and Plasma welding. The Anode used is composed of stainless steel grid maintained with a stainless steel  shaft. All the wires connections are made with a 1.5 mm2 copper flexible wire gained with silicon.

2 - Experimental tests setup :

The CFR v3.3 is powered with this new RF/EMI filtered power supply ( see the diagram below ) and a Variac is used to adjust the voltage at its input. The Digital oscilloscope Fluke 123 is used to measure the voltage and the current. The current measured with the scope is also compared with an analog Metrix ammeter. The current with the digital scope is measured across a 1 ohm 50W resistor (R1), and it has also been checked with the current clamp CIE Model CA-60A previously used during all the CFR tests.

Notes : Don't start the CFR Power supply at the ambiant temperature ( 20°C ), the current required is too strong and this will broke the fuse and damage your Variac. The CFR must be pre-heated to about 70°C before that the CFR-PS is started.

3 - CFR Test at 182 Volts DC :

4 - CFR Test at 212 Volts DC :

The mesured current with the scope is fully in line with the current measured with the analog ammeter.

5 - CFR Test at 259 Volts DC :

The Variac has been set to 200 V AC, this gives about 259 V DC at the input of the CFR v3.3.
The plasma reaction in the CFR is very strong.

Comments : This serie of tests confirms that the DC Voltage has a major role in the efficiency of the CFR. The new Power Supply presented in this page allows you to use common and cheap equipment such as an Analog or a Digital Ammeter for the electrical power input measurement. So this will help you to replicate more easily the Cold Fusion Reactor experiment...

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