Successfull and independant CFR replication
by Morgan H. and Marissa C. (Louisiana, USA)
July 2004 - Courtesy of Morgan H. and Marissa C.

Dear Mr. Naudin

We used your formulas (for steam generation and water heating), but next year’s project we hope to condense the steam and say that any difference in the starting weight and the ending weight (plus the condensed steam vapor), will have been converted into Oxygen and Hydrogen. This formula will give us even more energy conversion efficiency.

We performed 124 experiments and our best was result was 147% with an average of 117%, even including our learning curve of how to operate the device.

Morgan H. and Marissa C.
Louisiana, USA


Note from Jean-Louis Naudin : Congratulations to Morgan and Marissa for their successfull and independant replication of the Cold Fusion Reactor. This new and full independant replication of the CFR experiment confirms again that the way is now definitely opened towards a new emerging technology in the field of New and Clean Energy Sources...

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