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Publication date : September 19, 2006 - Last update : September 19, 2006

Sujet : Cold Fusion Replication Experiment
Date : 18/09/2006 22:51:15 Paris, Madrid
De : Ronald Hohls (South Africa)
A :
Envoyé via Internet

Dear Jean Louis Naudin,

My name is Ronald Hohls, I am a high school student residing in South Africa. Upon searching for a possible topic for my science expo project, I came across your cold fusion website and immediately became fascinated. My realisation of the implications of the success of such a hypothesis and the fact that I plan to one day enter the field of nuclear physics, inspired me to replicate the experiments.

Following your prescribed methodology, I achieved highly successful results indicating that excess anomalous heat is in fact generated, explainable only by the hypothesis of nuclear reactions. On one particular occasion, I achieved 9 times the input energy!

I used a 2mm tungsten cathode, stainless steel plate anode and 0.2-0.3 M K2CO3 electrolyte. The cathode was worn very rapidly and the solution became blue – this is not copper dissolved, as it becomes clear within minutes. To measure power input and resulting temperature changes, I used two Fluke Digital Multimeters. I attempted to work with stringent accuracy.

The purpose of my correspondence is to get feedback from a scientist recently/current;y involved in cold fusion research. Attached is my complete experimental report, results, a video of an experimental run. I hope you will find my replication experiments as interesting as I have found yours to be.

My expo project turned out to be highly successful and I am now through to the national finals. Therefore I want to thank you for supplying such a valuable source of information which was easy to obtain. In future I plan to conduct tests using a digital/analogue multimeter, recording runtime current/voltage as to achieve higher degrees of accuracy.

It is my belief that this world needs more scientists such as yourself, driven to find new alternative energy.

Yours faithfully

Ronald Hohls

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Note from Jean-Louis Naudin : Congratulations to Ronald Hohls for this successfull and independant replication of the Cold Fusion Reactor.

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