Sujet : CNR Replication
Date : 31/05/01 09:59:29
From: (Roger Burley)
To: ('')

Hi Jean,

I remember you asked how I did the test.

Sorry I do not have any way of taking pictures ,and I cannot afford to purchase any thing to do that.
I obtained at no cost a sample of the correct carbon fiber.
I cut the carbon fiber in to two lengths
as shown on your web site
I then cut two pieces of plastic and placed the two pieces of carbon fiber between as shown on your web site.
then compressed the unit in a bench vice.
I attached a power supply to the carbon fiber as shown in the diagram I sent, the resistor was 3.3 ohm
Sorry I did not note down the current but it was around 100 milli amp or higher.
I also attached a voltage meter to the voltage in put side of the carbon fiber from the power supply where the resistor is attached to the carbon fiber and a voltage meter to the out put side of the carbon fiber as shown in the diagram.

For 2 volts on the input to the carbon fiber I got -11 milli volts out.

And if I altered the clamping pressure of the bench vice the out put voltage would change, if it alerted the input voltage the out put voltage would change.

But if I moved around the power supply connection ,or meter connection on the carbon fiber I could increase or decrease the negative out put reading. 

From this ,it seemed clear to me ,this was an ohm's law effect and not true negative resistance.

          Please keep up your valuable work

           All the best Roger

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