Free Energy from Atomic Hydrogen
The MAHG Project
Created on May 23, 2005 - Updated on June 2, 2005

The Moller's Atomic Hydrogen Generator (MAHG) is fully based on the Irving Langmuir discovery. In the MAHG, the hydrogen is merely dissociated and recombined and can therefore be recycled over and over again without consuming more hydrogen than the quantity used to start with.

The Atomic Hydrogen Process is 100% CLEAN and SAFE.

The MAHG tube has been specially designed : It is composed by a water cooled vaccum tube filled with hydrogen at 0.1 atm.
The main part of the MAHG is a tungsten filament (0.25 mm diameter) placed in the center.

In the MAHG the hydrogen is NOT consummed during the process.

The MAHG under test (DC pulsed mode)

The MAHG under test (pure DC mode)

A close view to MAHG device

A Metrix MTX3352-C (100 MHz) digital oscilloscope is used to measure the power input

The electric power input is measured with 3 different means :

In these 3 cases the voltage and the current measured at the input are still in the same range ( +/- 2% of variations )

Videos of the MAHG under test

Click on the picture to see the video (2.64 Mb )

Click on the picture to see the video (1.63 Mb )

Data sheet results details :

Additional comments :

The Current Vs Voltage curve : you may notice that the resistance of the tungsten filament is non linear.

The curve above shows the percentage of hydrogen dissociated into atomic hydrogen Vs the temperature of the tungsten.
These datas have been published by Irving Langmuir in March 1926.

The temperature (inK) of the filament is calculated with the formula : T = (P/kS)1/4
S: Surface of the cathod = 10-3 m2
P: electrical input power in Watt
k: 5.67 x 10-8

The experimental curve above shows the MAHG filament (the cathod) temperature VS time during the tests.
You may notice that atomic hydrogen (1% to 7%) has been produced during only 25 ms each 100 ms.
During the pure DC tests, the filament temperature (774 K) is not sufficient to create the hydrogen dissociation process which requires at least 2000K.

Above :The Power I/O Vs the Voltage, the red curve shows the POWER OUTPUT and the blue curve shows the POWER INPUT

Above : In red, the curve of the Power OUTPUT Vs the Power INPUT, the green curve is for 100% efficiency.

Comments from Jean-Louis Naudin : Today, after a lot of tests of the MAHG, I am able to confirm the previous results conducted by A. Frolov during the genesis phase of the project. The results are stable and fully reproducible although measured with a completly different set of electronic equipments. The MAHG is one of the best device that I have tested until today. It seems a very good candidate unit which can be used to produce a clean and independant energy source for our next future and for the benefit of All...

For more informations, please contact Jean-Louis Naudin at :

The Atomic Hydrogen Process is 100% CLEAN and SAFE.

When you add the fact that the hydrogen is not consumed in the “burning” process, and can thus be recycled, it should become very clear to any scientist, humanist, environmentalist, business executive and indeed to every human being that is concerned about the state of our wonderful planet, that no more time should be wasted. The time has come for removing the responsibility of defining the energy policies and structures of the future from the hands of the established energy industries, and place it in the hands of men of science who will work for the preservation of the environment that sustains all life on Earth. Men who will work for the economic development of the third world by means of providing clean, abundant and inexpensive energy technologies.

Such initiative will only succeed when massively supported by the visionary captains of industry who will have the courage to dismantle the existing and scandalous energy grid which now envelopes our planet, by investing in the production and marketing of small energy generators for individual households, factories, transport etc.

Once such a generator has been acquired by the consumer, his further energy requirements will be covered for FREE, giving him independence in terms of energy as well as increased buying power for any other economic development.

Nicholas Moller

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