Free Energy from Atomic Hydrogen
Radiations measurement on the MAHG v2.0
Created on July 8, 2005 - Updated on July 8, 2005

The purpose of this test is to check if some eventual radiations are emitted outside the reactor. The radiations emissions are logged in real time with a radiations counter placed close to the main reaction chamber of the MAHG. I have used a Gamma-Scout® handheld radiations detector.The Gamma-Scout® reliably measures alpha, beta, gamma and X-radiations, it is the latest development in handheld Geiger counters, designed specifically for homeland security.

The radiations counter is placed close to the main chamber of the MAHG V2.0 during the test RUN #87

Gamma-Scout : Technical Data
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Radiation Type Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X-radiation
Detector  Halogen filled Geiger - Müller detector (LND712) with mica end-window
End window density 1.5 - 2 mg/cm
Stainless-steel housing (.012" wall thickness)
Measuring length 38.1 mm, measuring dia. 9.1 mm
Zero rate <10 pulses per min w/ 3 mm Al and 50 mm Pb screening 
Operating Range 0.05 µSv/h - 80.00 µSv/h, 0-50,000 cpm (digital)
0.05 µSv/h - 10.00 mSv/hr (analog)
1000 cpm/mR/hr or 108 pulses referenced to Cobalt-60 radiation of 1 µSv/h ambient
Alpha -  from 4.0 MeV
Beta -  from 0.2 MeV
Gamma - from 0.02 MeV

Comments : As you may notice in the diagram above, no anomalous radiations (alpha, beta, gamma and X-radiations) have been detected close to the main reaction chamber of MAHG during the one hour test run. This confirms that the MAHG process is clean and safe...

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