The ARDA - "FairyStar"

Advanced Reduced Drag Aircraft
By Jean-Louis Naudin
created on January 9th, 2000 - JLN Labs - Last update January 11th, 2000

The ARDA Mk4 "FairyStar" is the begining of a new serie of flying wings which uses the OAUGDP technology ( One Atmosphere Uniform Glow Discharge Plasma ). This is a first step towards a design of the full scale GDP Wing profile which will be used in a future ARDA Flying wing. In the ARDA "FairyStar" design the wing uses a OAUGDP panel as a thruster covered by a glow discharge plasma at high voltage and at high frequency. A kind of GDP panel has already been successfully tested by the NASA Langley Research Center by Roth and Wilkinson and a full report has been presented during the 36th Aerospace Sciences Meeting in Reno (January 1998) and also in my lab on December 21th, 1999 ( see the Glow discharge plasma skin tests ).

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The ARDA "FairyStar" OAUGDP skin in action (01-11-2000)

The Principle of the Active GDP Skin now explained...

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