Understanding the Steorn's effect by JL Naudin
created on december 27, 2009 - JLN Labs - updated on december 27, 2009
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The stator of the Steorn motor uses a toroidal coil with a ferromagnetic core. Knowing that the magnetic field outside a coil ring is zero, it is commonly compared to a coil of infinite length. There is no direct interaction of the magnetic field of the torus with the magnetic field of the rotor magnets. The magnetic field of the toroidal coil is only used to temporarily depolarize the magnetization of the ferrite toroid. Thus, the magnetic force of attraction of the rotor becomes unbalanced, the magnetic potential energy during approach of the magnet rotor is less than the potential energy magnetic during the exit phase.

This little experiment demonstrates how it is possible to remove the attraction of a suspended magnet by depolarizing the ferromagnetic core of the torus through the toroidal coil without having a magnetic interaction between the coil and suspended magnet . The current required for the magnetic field to get the temporary depolarization of the ferrite core is independent of the magnetic force between the magnet and the ferrite core.

1 - Required material :

Here is the list of the required material for conducting this little experiment ( see the photos ) :

Below some detailled photos of the construction :

Cut the cork with the cutter to build the mounting base for the toroidal coil.

The toroidal coil is maintained on the cork with a tie-rap.

The double side tape is used to fix the cork and the coil on the plastic box.

The magnet is simply suspended by its attraction due to the magnetic force by the ferrite toroid.
The piece of foam is used to protect the magnet during the drop.

When the toroidal coil is powered by the 12V battery, the attraction due to the magnetic force vanishes and the magnet falls by its own weight ....

Here is a short video of the experience:

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