A new Power Supply for the Cold Fusion Reactor
created on May 8, 2003 - JLN Labs - Last update June 2, 2003
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You will find, in this page, some very helpfull advices for suppressing the RF/EMI noise produced by the strong plasma electrolysis underwater in the Cold Fusion Reactor ( CFR ). This will give you more accurate measurements of the current flow and thus better measurements about the Electrical Power INPUT. This new power supply works very well with the Cold Fusion Reactor v3.0 with a 0.2 M solution of K2CO3. With the new PS design presented in this page, you will be able to use a common digital ammeter or a simple analog ammeter for the current measurement. The current is measured between the RF/EMI filter and the bridge rectifier. See the diagram below :

The RF current produced by the plasma is fully filtered by the RF/EMI filter ( a Corcom type 5K1 )
and some capacitors ( C2 and C3 ) placed between the CFR and the power supply.

This New CFR Power supply has been tested successfully with the Digital Oscilloscope Fluke 123 and its current clamp CIE model CA-60A. The Power input measurement and thus the efficiency of the CFR is still in line with all the previous tests.

The measured current with the scope has been compared with the current measured with an Analog ammeter ( see below ) :

The measured current with the scope has been also compared with the current measured with a Digital ammeter ( see below ) :

So, this new enhanced CFR-Power Supply can be fully used for testing the Cold Fusion Reactor with various and common equipments...

I wish you a good Cold Fusion Reactor replication experiment and a high efficiency...

Jean-Louis Naudin ( June 2003 )

Email : JNaudin509@aol.com

Download a worksheet for your CFR experimental datas results

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