The One Atmosphere Plasmoid

Experiment #2

Advanced Reduced Drag Aircraft project
By Jean-Louis Naudin
created on February 23th, 2000 - JLN Labs - Last update February 26th, 2000

Some various shapes of glass vessels have been also tested, such as a cylindrical and an hemispherical shape. With these shapes, the plasmoid was erratic and unable to remain stable. The best shape is a kind of spherical vessel with the toothpick placed in its ( see the picture below ).

There are four steps during the initialisation phase of a stable plasmoid ( see below ) :

1) When the microwave oven is switched on, some brillant and white flashes are sent silently by the burning charcoal during about 5 seconds ( STEP 1).

2-3) And suddenly a very short ( few milliseconds ) and a strong big blue flash fill all the volume of the microwave oven ( STEP 2 and 3 )

4) and then, a plasmoid coming from the burning charcoal climbs up to the top of the transparent vessel and remains stable ( STEP 4 ) with a loud humming...

BE CAREFULL : Don't run the microwave oven more than 10 seconds, because the glass vessel is warming,
so check it after a short test run and let it cool a bit. Conduct all your tests in a well ventiled area.

In the picture above you may notice an interesting effect :
Sometimes the plasmoid is able to pass through the glass


See the full RealVideo of the Plasmoid experiment ( 145 kb)

( if you don't have the RealPlayer, you may download it freely at :

A sound analysis of the plasmoid "humming" noise has shown that its frequency is about 150 Hz.

Download the full sound wave of the Plasmoid "humming" sound (164 kb)

Different sizes of spherical vessels have been also tested,
the diagram above shows the frequency analysis of the plasmoid humming sound
for a 85 mm, 95 mm, 135 mm and 140 mm spherical vessel.
The blue curve is the ambiant sound analysis without the plasmoid running.

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