IPS v1.1 : Full tests results
Tests by Jean-Louis Naudin
Created on February 19, 2004 - JLN Labs - Last update February 22, 2004
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The Solid State Infinite Power Supply (IPS) has been invented by Ossie Callanan. Now, I have replicated the IPS device and conducted some tests and measurements. The inventor claims that his device is able to power a 220V/15 Watts light bulb with two 12V lead acid batteries as the power source without discharging these batteries...

I have tried to check this claim and tested an IPS circuit fully based on Ossie Callanan's original diagram.

Clock frequency : 100Hz square wave DTC 50%
Current flow from B1, B2 set to about 1A with R1 and R3

Below the IPS circuit v1.1 during the test :

The power output is indeniable, a small humming noise can be heard while the light bulb brights at full power...
The current flows in each battery must be equal and set to about 1A.
The voltage is measured with a digital oscilloscope Fluke 123 and recorded to a PC in realtime.
The clock input is connected to a function generator Centrad GF-763AF used as a square wave generator.
A 11 Watts Eco ( equivalent to 60 W ) type lamp is connected at the IPS output.
Two lead acid batteries ( 12V / 44Ah / 360 A ) fully charged are used.

Important notice : Always connect a load at the output of the transformer. If the IPS is used without load ( no lamp connected at its output ) the transistors Q1 and Q3 can be definitively damaged.

Above : The voltage curves of the batteries B1 and B2 during the IPS full test.

( 02-22-04 ) Tests results :

The old damaged lead acid battery B1 used in the previous tests has been replaced with a brand new battery and now, the IPS tests results are very interesting and show that :

Today, after these series of IPS tests, I am not yet able to confirm an overunity effect, I can only say that the Ossie Callanan's IPS device works at least as an efficient Power Inverter. Thanks to Ossie Callanan for sharing free his invention for the benefit of all.

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