Solid State Infinite Power Supply (IPS)
from Ossie Callanan
Tested by Jean-Louis Naudin
Created on February 19, 2004 - JLN Labs - Last updateFebruary 22, 2004
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The Solid State Infinite Power Supply (IPS) has been invented by Ossie Callanan. Now, I have replicated the IPS device and conducted some tests and measurements. The inventor claims that his device is able to power a 220V/15 Watts light bulb with two 12V lead acid batteries as the power source without discharging these batteries...

You will find below the current tests results :

Date Model Tests and Measurements
02-20-04 IPS 1.1 New interesting tests
02-19-04 IPS 1.0 Basic tests measurements

Today, after these series of IPS tests, I am not yet able to confirm an overunity effect, I can only say that the Ossie Callanan's IPS device works at least as an efficient Power Inverter. Thanks to Ossie Callanan for sharing free his invention for the benefit of all.

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