IPS v1.1 : New interesting tests results
Tests by Jean-Louis Naudin
Created on February 19, 2004 - JLN Labs - Last update February 20, 2004
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All informations and diagrams are published freely (freeware) and are intended for a private use and a non commercial use.

Below, the IPS diagram that I have tested, it is fully based on Ossie Callanan's original diagram.

Clock frequency : 100Hz square wave DTC 50%
Current flow from B1, B2 set to about 1A with R1 and R3

The clock input is connected to a function generator Centrad GF-763AF used as a square wave generator.
Below the IPS circuit v1.1 during the test :

The power output is indeniable, a small humming noise can be heard while the light bulb brights at full power...

Above : The voltage curves of the batteries B1 and B2 during the IPS test ( the old battery B1 seems damaged ).

( 02-20-04 ) Tests results : In this new test, the previous 15 Watts light bulb has been replaced with a 11 Watts Eco lamp which gives about 60 Watts of apparent light. The two analog ammeters have been removed from the circuit.

Its seems interesting to notice that :

This new IPS test is more encouraging than the previous one and more tests need to be soon conducted with a new batterie B1...

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