February 8, 2005 -Tests report
created on February 8, 2005 - JLN Labs - Last update February 9, 2005
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After more than 20 test runs with the VSG v2.0, I have noticed that the measured signal becomes more irregular than during the first serie of tests. I have tried to change the RLoad value to a 21.5 ohms ceramic resistor, whithout success, the signal was still chaotic. The efficiency has decreased to about 120%. ( see the results below )

After some investigations to find an explanation of this problem, I have found that the tip of the tungsten rod which was in contact with the carbon rod was entirely covered with a thin carbon powder.

The presence of thin particles of carbon on the tip of the Thoriated Tungsten rod confirms that some carbon has been vaporized by the discharge process during the lot of test runs. Now, I need to clean up the tungsten and the carbon rod and also the reaction chamber inside the coil...

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