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MAHG v2.0 - One hour test run at 526 %
Created on June 24, 2005 - Updated on June 26, 2005

This is a new test of the MAHG setup v2.0. The purpose of this test is to conduct a 1 hour test with a low water flow and thus a higher delta T than in the previous RUN 74. All the datas (temp In/Out and water flow) have been recorded with two different dataloggers sets at a sampling rate of 5 sec.

The MAHG V2.0 during the test RUN #75

The pulse power generator has been set to 51 Hz and 10 % DTC

The duty cycle (DTC) and the frequency are measured with the Fluke 189 multimeter

At the start of the experiment (see above), the initial conditions were :

At the end of the experiment (see above), the final conditions were :

Above : the temperature recorded with the Thermologger Voltcraft K204

Above : the cooling water flow is measured by the digital flowmeter McMillan Company S-111-8 and recorded with the Fluke 189

Comments from Jean-Louis Naudin : This 1 hour test confirms again all the previous measurements done with the MAHG. Unfortunatelly, during the test, the water flow has decreased. You may notice that the power output has decreased for about 10 W after 25 min. The decrease of the water flow increases the thermal losses on the reactor due to the poor heat exchange with the water. It seems that the minimum water flow must be at least 0,3 L/min. During the RUN 75, the average power output measured was 66,5 Watt with only 12,5 Watt at the input. The delta T was 4,6C with an average cooling water flow of 0.24 L/min. The average efficiency measured was 526 % during this test.

Click on the picture to see the video of the test ( 2 Mo )

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