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MAHG v2.0 - High Efficiency with a new tests bench
Created on June 23, 2005 - Updated on June 28, 2005

This new MAHG setup v2.0 has been built for a better accuracy of the output power measurement. All the datas (temp I/O and water flow) have been recorded with two different dataloggers sets at a sampling rate of 5 sec.

So, I have used a brand new equipement for this setup :

The new tests bench for the MAHG V2.0

The new equipement used for measuring the power output in realtime

The duty cycle and the frequency are measured with the Fluke 189 multimeter

Comments from Jean-Louis Naudin : This new test setup v2.0 for the MAHG has given more accurate datas about the real power flow at the MAHG output. During the RUN #74 all the datas have been recorded during 20 minutes, the average power output measured was 90,56 watts with only 13,22 watts at the input. The delta T was 2.8C with a cooling water flow of 0.54 L/min. The average efficiency measured was 682 % during this test.

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