Free Energy from Atomic Hydrogen
MAHG - Towards High Efficiency
Created on June 20, 2005 - Updated on June 23, 2005

The purpose of these tests is to improve the MAHG efficiency so as to overcome the losses due to the poor efficiency of the Carnot cycle at the MAHG output.

The MAHG under the High Efficiency tests runs with short DC pulses

The previous power supply has been replaced by a high power battery (12V 100Ah - 720A) connected through a High Power MosFet Switcher

The High Power Switcher is driven with a TGP 110 - 10 MHz pulse generator (see below)

Test procedure :

Data sheet results details :

Comments from Jean-Louis Naudin : These tests demonstrate clearly that the efficiency of the MAHG increases ( up to 1153% ) while the duty cycle of the squared pulse decreases (up to 5%).


Comments from Jean-Louis Naudin : Long tests runs ( 2 hours ) have been performed at 10% DTC. These tests have demonstrated that the efficiency is greater than the previous 10 min tests runs. This was due to the warm up time of the MAHG at low power ( ~10 Watts input ), so after 2 hours the power output was stable. In a next version of the MAHG setup (v2.0), I shall use a new digital flowmeter and a new thermologger with two brand new thermocouples (type K). The water flow will be also decreased so as to increase the dT at the MAHG output. All the data will be recorded in real time for a better accuracy of the measurements.

HIGH EFFICIENCY confirmed with a new tests bench

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