Free Energy from Atomic Hydrogen
MAHG v2.0 - One hour tests with a COP of 21
Created on June 28 2005 - Updated on June 30, 2005

New improvements on the MAHG v2.0 the COP is now up to 21

This is a new test of the MAHG setup v2.0. The purpose of this serie of tests is to conduct a 1 hour test with a DTC of 5% so as to confirm the high efficiency (COP>10) conducted during the previous measurements with the setup v1.0 (RUNS 59 to 61). All the datas (temp In/Out and water flow) have been recorded with two different dataloggers sets at a sampling rate of 5 sec. A BLANK TEST RUN has also been performed with a continuous DC current to validate the new test bench v2.0, in this setup the MAHG is used as a simple electric heater..

The MAHG V2.0 during the test RUN #76

The pulse power generator has been set to 51 Hz and 5 % DTC

The duty cycle (DTC) and the frequency are measured with the Fluke 189 multimeter

MAHG v2.0 - Experimental tests results

RUN #76

Above : the temperature recorded with the Thermologger Voltcraft K204

Above : the cooling water flow is measured by the digital flowmeter McMillan Company S-111-8 and recorded with the Fluke 189

RUN #77

RUN #78



In this new setup above, the wires length have been shortened and the electrical contacts on the reactor significantly improved so as to reduce the losses. The voltage and the current have been recorded in real time with a digital oscilloscope Fluke 123 so as to get a more accurate measurement of the electrical power at the input.

RUN #81

RUN #82

RUN #83

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