Free Energy from Atomic Hydrogen
The MAHG Project
All these informations are published free with permission and courtesy of Nicholas Moller
Created on March 1, 2004 - JLN Labs - Last update on August 31, 2005

The Moller's Atomic Hydrogen Generator (MAHG) is fully based on the Irving Langmuir discovery. In the MAHG, the hydrogen is merely dissociated and recombined and can therefore be recycled over and over again without consuming more hydrogen than the quantity used to start with.

The Atomic Hydrogen Process is 100% CLEAN and SAFE.

Version MAHG project Tests LogBook
2.1 Radiations measurement on the main reaction chamber
2.1 More detailled tests runs on the MAHG v2.0
2.1 ONE HOUR tests with a COP of 21
2.0 ONE HOUR test run with a COP of 5.26
2.0 HIGH EFFICIENCY confirmed with a new tests bench
1.0 Towards HIGH EFFICIENCY ( COP > 10 )
1.0 2 HOURS test run with a COP of 2.43
1.0 Full tests of the MAHG by JL Naudin

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